Friday, August 8, 2008

5 years and counting!

Today, five years ago, I married Chris! I know 5 years may not sound like a lot to most, but to us - it's a milestone! We have been through some VERY tough times & somehow, we have gotten through it. I know what is - it is FATE! I love that man more today than I ever have & our relationship is stronger than I ever thought possible!

The kids are going to my dads tonight, so we will have the evening to ourselves...we are planning on going to del frisco's yummy! Knowing us - we will go eat & go home and go to bed....

Tomorrow we are going to the Low reunion in Comanche to spend time with our family.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will post pics on Monday (for Deanna) :)


MooreClan said...

I bet Del Frisco's was yummy!!!
It's my favorite!