Friday, January 9, 2009

A little late Christmas post.....

I know it's a little late....sorry -

Christmas was wonderful, the kids got way to much stuff. From Santa, Sam got a big stereo and the boys got a XBOX 360, Madden the best of 20 years, NFL tour and some more games....This is the first Christmas since I have left home that we didn't spend Christmas eve night at my moms house (she went and spent it with my brother and his family in Houston) we got to spend it at our house, and although we missed nana, we enjoyed being home. The kids also got Guitar Hero World Tour from their papa - and between the 5 Christmas's they had - they made out like bandits! In the past years we have gone way overboard with Christmas, but this year we limited ourselves for the kids - we are trying to teach them the TRUE meaning of Christmas. We agreed as a family to write Santa a letter and tell him we wanted him to give more to the needy kids then to us. Christmas day we hung out, and then went and ate some AWESOME catfish down at Jana' spending time with them! It was a great holiday....with great memories. I am sad that it is over!