Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes it has been awhile......

Where to start? We have been super busy with baseball & softball - and just spending time as a family. I took off on Spring Break because I wanted to do something fun, and ended up getting REALLy sick. I finally went to the doctor on Thursday so I started feeling much better by the weekend. We went to Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Valley....The Dinosaur World is where you walk around and see a lot of life size fake dinosaurs....we spend $75 to get in and we were through it in 30 mins....such a waste of money! Dinosaur Valley however was a blast. We spent $10 to get in and the kids had a blast....we hiked up and down the river....we are going to go back and try to go camping sometime.

Other than the usual, not a whole lot to report....just living & loving life. I will leave you with some pics.