Thursday, May 28, 2009

All Stars and Stuff!

Look at me, posting twice in ONE month....actually I am going to TRY to do better at this.

Our regular baseball/softball seasons have ended, and none of the kids were ready. They still want to play, I guess they didn't get there fix.
Lets see, Sam, Caleb and Josh were all nominated to represent there team with 2 other team mates in the all star draft. Sam's team finished 2nd they were 10-2 all season...these girls were fantastic. Anyway, due to some political B.S. and adult drama, our coach had to take a team "B" in order for our girls to get to play all stars. In my world a second place team DESERVES a place on the "A" team... And he could only take 3 girls, his daughter, and two others....I think all the other coaches don't want to be shown how to play REAL ball by our girls...It's sad that GROWN men are denying these girls (10 & 11 year olds) to play softball....that's all these girls want to do, and they don't really care what team they play on....anyways....can you sense the frustration? So as of right now, Sam isn't playing - she still has a chance if someone backs out. I am however COMPLETELY proud of her. This is her first season to play and has come so far. Being nominated is a great achievement!

Josh and Caleb tried out last Friday, and we won't know if they made it until after the coach's meeting on Saturday. Lets hope that baseball is being handled different from softball....and they draft based on skills....not politics!

Anyway, off of that subject! It's gets me all fired up! I went and meet baby Hayden yesterday (Becky's new little baby) he had his jaw surgery on Friday and he looks turns my stomach to think about that this little boy has been through in his short two weeks of life (two weeks ago today he was born). Just know that I fell in love with him instantly yesterday and I haven't even gotten to hold him or touch him. Becky and I have been friends since 2nd grade and she has amazed me with how well she has handled all these obstacles Hayden has gone through. Hopefully he will get the respirator and stuff out the begining of next week, and he can work towards getting to go home with his mommy and daddy! Here are some pics of Hayden and his momma!

School will be out next week - The kids are ready! I am just not sure if I am!!!


The Gilbreaths said...

Awww, I'm so glad Hayden's surgery went well! I'm sure Becky and her husband can't wait to get him home with them! My prayers are with them!!!