Monday, July 28, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had a very PRODUCTIVE weekend! I love Chris being home on the is SO nice! Lately he has been getting both Saturday and Sunday off of work, and on Sunday evening when we are going to bed I actually feel like we got to spend quality time together and he isn't so worn out....I love it! I worry about him on days like today though - with temps getting up to 105 degrees...

On Saturday Jana, Chris & I went and signed Cole & Caleb up for football - Kalyn decided that she wants to play football when she gets older - she isn't the cheerleading type...LOL I can't beleive my little man is old enough to play football...then we helped Ginny move into her new house in Crowley. I LOVE that Ginny is living in Crowley now...close to us! Saturday evening...we cooked steaks and watched UFC. Got up Sunday morning and I asked the boys "Do ya'll want some cereal for breakfast?" and Caleb says "no, we want donuts!!!" So we took them get donuts and Chris and I worked on the house ALL day yesterday! Sam got home from Houston about 3 PM yesterday...she had a blast. Chris and Caleb washed my car!! We had a very productive weekend!!!!

This is Jana's lil girl hilarious! She walked around for a LONG time with these pads on!


Deanna said...

How's the house coming along? And football already?!