Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Key to another new beginning!

So, yesterday - we got our keys for our new house...yes - we are moving again. The drive to the middle of no where (our house now) is absolutely killing me, but the main reason we are moving is so Samantha and Caleb can have a place where they can go and ride their bike, and have friends in the neighborhood. We are moving back to Crowley :) and Samantha can go back to her old school!! The drive will be longer for Chris of course, but it will cut 25 - 30 minutes off of my drive....can I get a hell ya?!

So needless to say, this weekend will be busy! We are going to move, go Beronica & Mike's wedding....

Change is always scary, but I am confident enough in our marriage that we are ready for this new beginning!

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Deanna said...

You got a blog!!!! That's so cool!! And you're moving!! Oh my gosh! I hope the weekend goes well! Post more pics! :)