Friday, July 25, 2008

I love Fridays!

I have been completely swamped here at work....and am starting to come down with some kind of cold....I kinda feel like doo doo today :(

Samantha is on her way to Houston today with my mom to see my brother and Brooke & the kids...I wish I was going with them. I sure do love those babies...and Kyle & Brooke. I already miss Samantha though and she just left last night!! My mom invited Caleb to go, and Chris and I were excited about the possibility of a weekend by ourselves...but Caleb doesn't want to be very far away from his mama & daddy if he doesn't have looks like it will be the three of us this weekend!! We sign Caleb up for football tomorrow...yes my baby is playing his first year of tackle football - he is so frickin excited!!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!